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Nell Archer  - The Psychic Channel
Psychic | Medium | Healer | Channel | Spirit Artist | Medical Intuitive
Pet Reader | Past Life Reader | Body Coach | Speaker | Teacher | Writer

Readings and healings are done for clients all over the world, over phone or Zoom 



From early childhood, Nell has been aware of her spiritual connection and the ability to see into the future. Throughout her life, she has had a number of near-death-experiences that have given her a special depth of knowledge and perspective through being in a non-physical consciousness. 

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

Carl Jung

Her psychic information is mainly received via her ability as a channel and Nell can read on any topic and any person (with a first name or initial). Her sessions can include the use of tarot cards and date-of-birth numerology.  Readings are confidential and she retains no memory of them once they are over. Readings can cover: future outcomes, choices, romance, family, work, finances, health, pets, mediumship, and will always look at your true life purpose.  Nell can also bring insight into past-lives, Soul imprint, Spirit Guides,  Starseeds, Spirit Animals, dreams, and Soul purpose if requested.  She believes that our fate/future is not set in stone, and she gives clients information on their future options, challenges, and choices so they may be clear,  informed, and empowered to move towards their most fulfilled future.  Nell's sessions are comprehensive, honest, and profound. They can be life-changing, and will always be healing.  

Nell is able to connect with passed over loved ones through mediumship. She can draw people who’ve passed as Spirit Art Portraits (at expos and events only).  Nell can also do Spirit Guide portraits.

Nell loves to connect with animals for pet readings and pet mediumship as part of a reading.

Nell is a medical intuitive. With over 25 years of experience and multiple tertiary qualifications in health science, both mainstream and alternative health modalities, fitness & body shaping.  Nell can incorporate this background for guidance on health, fitness, weight loss, and body-shaping outcomes. (Nell will always advise you to see your doctor for significant health issues and cannot diagnose or prescribe).  

Healing sessions are done in semi-trance, incorporating: channeled spiritual healing, Usui Reiki, Soul retrieval, somatic integration, past life regression, future life progression, parallel life healing, spirit animal meditations, and angelic & deity connection. 

"If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential"


After a session with Nell people often say they feel deeply nurtured, clear, connected, understood, and with inspiration for their future direction. They feel aware of what needs to be done to shift consciousness and practical blocks that are hindering their life and soul development.


Nell offers readings, healings, online classes, day workshops, stage presentations, YouTubes, and appears on Australian TV and radio.

To access the latest free updates, videos, and classes like her on Facebook 

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