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The Beeswax Muse

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The Beeswax Muse Candles 

Postage included within Australia. No international delivery.  

Handmade, 100% pure beeswax, harvested from happy local beehives. The hives are surrounded by magical gardens full of flowers and herbs of mugwort, rosemary, lavender, roses, and many therapeutics.   


The bees are not fed sugar or drained of their honey, so they are happy healthy honey bees and the candles smell divine. 


Research shows that burning pure beeswax candles creates negative ions that have anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, calming, and uplifting effects, as well as purifying the air of toxins.   (You know the feeling after it has rained when you go into the garden and everything feels so fresh and calm? That's negative ions).


These candles have such a lovely natural scent with zero additives. You cannot get a healthier, happier, purer candle than these. They are such a  rare gift.   Choose from Spell Candles packs, Tapers, and Goddess candles.  

Handmade natural product:  will be slight variations in colour, size, and shape 

This pure wax product will be affected by extreme heat - store in a cool place.

Alice May’s Empath Tea

Postage included within Australia. No international delivery.


*Not suitable during pregnancy. 


If you’re an Empath, this tea is made just for you!


Use it to soothe, uplift, as a ceremony, for clearing, self-love, transformation, and heart healing intention.


Add lemon juice or peel and the tea will transform in colour!


Ingredients are traditionally used for:

Sweet butterfly pea flower: anti-inflammatory, calmative, boosts collagen and repairs tissues, cognitive (clears your brain) antioxidant, antidepressant, turns from blue to pink with lemon.                                                                         

Calendula: soothes, nurtures, and heals                                                                                                 

Lavender: relaxes and clears negative emotional energy        


Rose buds: fortifies heart space, elevates oxytocin, and opens joy & love. 

Chamomile: relaxes the mind & gut, cools/yins the system.

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