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In Their words...


“My reading with Nell left me touched, moved and inspired for the future. Nell is incredibly accurate and her style is very nurturing and loving. I highly recommend her to everyone!” 


"My session with Nell was like sitting down to have a warm cup of tea with a very dear friend who has known me all my life, willing to compassionately and objectively share guidance and put the pieces together of my unraveled history and fragmented view of the future. There were so many 'Ah-ha' moments, and even laughter that she could seem to understand me and my life so clearly. I left the session feeling absolutely empowered to continue on the path that I was intuiting all along, now with amazing confirmation, and also with a renewed sense of ownership of my whole self - shadows and all. It was a truly liberating experience, full of wisdom and essential guidance for my present journey, and has already had a profound impact on the way I am relating to myself, to my partner and child, and to my work. I have had a few different readings from various clairvoyants over the years, and this was by far not only the most accurate and objective, but also the warmest - truly like having a cup of tea with a dear friend." ~ Amber Sawyer, PhD, Singapore


 "I had a reading some time ago with you. I sometimes go back to my notes when the chips are down or I need guidance and it has been an immeasurable tool."


Nell is a gifted, empowering and nurturing reader, healer and teacher. She is an absolutely beautiful, incredible soul who always conducts herself with the highest integrity. So blessed to have her here in Canberra. I've recommended and will continue to


Nell is incredible. Clear, gentle and to the point. I’ve been to see her twice, once for a reading- spot on and very informative and the second time for a healing. A few days after my healing session, my psychic friend who lives in Queensland texted me, asking if I was alright, as she had noticed a big shift in my energy! I often go to the drop in sessions and have learnt so much- they are relaxing, enjoyable and powerful. I’m so grateful to have Nell in my life.


Nell and Christian have helped me enormously to heal and become stronger in self knowlede. They have very high integrity and psychic abilities.


Nell is truly excellent. I find sessions and classes with her informative and empowering


Accurate, astute, great value, amazing information and fantastic healing sessions - all sensitively delivered for maximum benefit to the client, even if it might not seem like it at the time.


“Nell was incredibly accurate and profound, I could not be more thankful for the way she changed my life in one session!” 


I went to one of Nell's classes on a whim, back in June. It was very scary for me as I didn't know much about psychics, I only knew typical movie stereotypes. I didn't know what to expect. But I am so grateful that I gave it a go and to Nell for the hard work she puts in. She is so kind, open-minded, and a bit of a nerd in regards to how much she likes to make sure whatever she is saying has scientific backing, it's gorgeous and reaffirming. She is an all rounded lovely person to be around.

Nell's classes have helped me feel more at home within myself. Would highly recommend booking time with her


Highly recommend. Last week Nell cleared a demonic entity that had been creating great trouble and unhappiness for a friend of mine. This entity had also started to focus its attention on me. I woke last Tuesday morning with such a sense of clarity and peace. Things are starting to settle down in my friend’s household. Thanks so much Nell. Namaste


Nell was amazing! Her insight offered a comforting hand that helped me to realise the journey that I have been on and the possibilities ahead. Thanks Nell.


Nell changed my life. What a gift she is

Thank you!

Thank you!


Nell is wonderful psychic channel and empath. She is such a beautiful soul and so accurate in her readings providing such clarity. The one aspect I love most about Nell is the truth in her teaching and her strength in getting people to be responsible for their own lives.

Just love her work...


Awesome, amazing, inspiring and so much more


There is NO ONE better!!!

ere is NO ONE better!!!



Thankyou again for a wonderful reading today. I didn't realise how much I needed that grounding. Would really love to do one of your empath workshops one day. 


Hi Nell, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for my reading yesterday. I listened to it again last night, and you have now answered all of my questions and my needs perfectly. It was quite an intense session for me and I was emotionally exhausted afterwards.I have already started some Inner Child work to honour myself and will continue to write my book, hopefully with an ending soon 😉 In Love and Light I thank you


Hi Nell. 

Thanks so much for yesterday I left feeling a lot more at peace with myself. 


Thanks again, Emmelia


I went into labour when predicted!


Nell is hugely gifted with amazing talents and I would highly recommend having a session with her. She provides wonderfully accurate insights, guidance and healing throughout the session. Nell is the best psychic and healer I’ve come across after visiting various readers and healers in the past. A very nurturing soul who provides wisdom with love and compassion. 


I have found Nellie to be highly intuitive, kind and caring. Such a great soul and so passionate and insightful. Would highly recommend visiting Nellie for a reading, healing or courses that are available. Thank you Nellie and Canberra psychic centre, for all your wisdom and knowledge.


Nell has extra-ordinary psychic abilities, is compassionate, accurate and goes above and beyond what's asked of her. Her readings and healing sessions are profoundly effective. If you are looking to make actual changes in your life, not just a magazine-style reading, this is the place to start!


I have done Nell's psychic development workshops and still continuing. I think she is a genuine caring person. Who has a wealth of knowledge.


Nell helped me clarify a confusing situation, clear self doubt and trust my own instincts. She even taught me a way to use my own intuition. Nell had exact insight into the people and situation occuring which left me with no doubt of her ability. She was absolutely amazing. 


Nell your absolutely amazing! 

I feel very blessed to have met you! 


I had my first reading with Nell a week ago & Nell was absolutely amazing. She opened my eyes to all the wonderful possibilities awaiting me. She has such a beautiful way in which she delivers her messages & to me she is a guardian Angel.


You were spot on. I followed the guidance and found the doctor exactly as you described in the reading in Sydney and he found the issue and can repair it. I never knew this could be found in a reading. You are amazing. Thank you. 


OMG Nell you are a miracle worker 😮! Good news all round after my bloods were done this morning. I’m feeling much better. Thanks so much for all you help.


Again thank you so much for such fantastic work you 2 beautiful people put up for everyone in Canberra thank you thank you thank you

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