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Alice May’s Empath Tea

(Australia only) 


If you’re an Empath, this tea is made just for you!


Use it to soothe, uplift, as a ceremony, for clearing, self-love, transformation, and heart healing intention.


Add lemon juice or peel and the tea will transform in colour!


Ingredients are traditionally used for:

Sweet butterfly pea flower: anti-inflammatory, calmative, boosts collagen & repairs tissues, cognitive (clears your brain) antioxidant, antidepressant, turns from blue to pink with lemon.                                                                         

Calendula: soothes,nurtures, & heals                                                                                                 

Lavender: realxes and clears negative emotional energy          

Rose buds: fortifies heart space, elevates oxytocin, opens joy & love. 

Chamomile: relaxes the mind & gut, cools/yins the system

Alice May’s Empath Tea

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