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2021 How to navigate the year of crises and opportunity


This is the year of crisis and opportunity!

2021 is off in full throttle! With the very intense energies especially today of big karmic cycles ending, showing up in the form of what looks like crises, please take care of you and listen to your soul’s guidance towards self-love. These crises are echos of your abandoned inner child wounds. They need your love, time, and care. (I promise that if you ignore the pain, or try to wipe it out with dramas/dissociation/addictions it will keep coming back)

If you thought this year would be easy then you haven’t been listening or reading my posts for the last two years. It is a year full of seemingly constant conflict, challenges to the status quo, unbalanced, unpredictable, unexpected, things coming out of the blue. There is much unavoidable conflict. But, this year is such a huge gateway to freedom. Wow!!! Just like a roller coaster- terrifying but so exciting!

The pressure speeds up to teach us to listen and CHOOSE faster now. The sides will appear more extreme and opposed. Left versus right throughout the world will quickly escalate to physical levels with war within households and between countries of those too set in their ways to compromise. Just like the pandemic, it is a worldwide collective issue, and we can choose a side to oppose OR we can let go of opposition and choose to look for solutions. Those solutions will flow if we let them. There will be immense opportunity and growth hidden in every difficult painful event this year. Those who used 2020 for their shadow work will have amazing outcomes very quickly. They will also be able to heal others. Remember the choice is not left/right or right/wrong, good/bad. Those things are an illusion of the ego- there is no perfect way. The CHOICE is always between heart or fear.

This is the year to manifest your dream career/business/personal goals.

Step out of your rut and seize the moment or you might just miss it

There is still time to choose but it’s high pressure, faster, and very focused challenges compared to last year. It’s time to put your best efforts into your future career, business, and to expect lots of unpredictable change, fast activity, money highs and lows, and conflict with anyone who doesn’t align with your personal growth.

The innovative and entrepreneurial will flourish this year. Those who stubbornly hold on to the old ways, old ideas, and outdated views will collapse into financial business ruin. You have to adapt! Traditionally safe, big companies will fall. New and/or adaptable companies will thrive.

You need to listen to coincidences, signs, little things that occur, everything that happens is a message.

This is also the year of community. After the solo restriction of 2020 we realise that goals can be achieved together, in groups of like-minded getting together to really make big things happen. You just can't do it all yourself this year. It’s going to be impossible to stay alone, independent, isolated, or introverted. It’s time to share and receive support.

For the meditators - it’s also a year where you might find active meditation is more effective than still, eyes open more effective than closed, or you may find yourself channeling lots when you meditate. Stillness this year will be very awake. Presence will be precisely momentary in wonderful split-second astounding awakening.

2021 holds the opportunity to enlighten in a heartbeat.

The “choice” between love or shadow intensifies. You will have to choose between RESISTANCE to events occurring (a very painful option) or asking “How is this making a new OPPORTUNITY for something amazing?”(with fantastically unbelievable prosperous fast and joyful results).

Remember pain is only an indicator of your resistance. Let go, open up and ask, then listen for the answer. And listen fast!!!

2021 moto: When you choose your true heart’s desires, you will be an exact match for the world’s needs.

This year those two goals will want to amalgamate into utter chaotic joy - your joy and healing, and subsequent joy and healing for the world - if you ALLOW it.

So scream, yell, jump, holla, dance, run, hike a mountain, go for it, take the risk, push the boundaries of your own expectations, but don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

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