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Valentine's Day Update

Valentine's Day Update: -2022 the year of LOVE

In the New Year Update I talked about 2022 being the year of family, home, environment, and compassion for self and others.

Well, it is also a big year for romance!

2021 was a lot about finding our career values & questioning our motivation & direction for life. Hopefully, you have either found where you want to go forward or at least realized where you don't want to be. Trust your gut and put those career desires into action now - you have taken the big first step just by making the decision about what you want.

However, in 2022 we will have the opportunity to find our dream home, create or heal our family, and find our soul mate.

If you have always wanted to move to your dream location, find your dream residence, build or renovate - this is the year to do it.

If you have been wanting to adopt a fur baby to nurture and fill your heart with unconditional love, this is the time to make that commitment.

If you have been thinking about starting a family or have been trying for a while - this is the year the nest will be blessed.

The other huge theme of this year is relationships.

ROMANCE: This year your primary relationships will either repair or end.

If you have been in an up/down, on/off partnership or marriage - well, get ready to make it work or break it. There is no room for halfway now and things will come to completion unless they are authentically connected. No more treading water in ambivalent indecision - 2022 will bring your love life into peak focus. Dysfunctional long-term marriages and relationships will finish this year and open freedom for soul-deep love to come into your life. Don't be afraid to take a good look at your love life, to really make an effort to address any frustrations, and if there is no improved connection then prepare to take a leap. If it's not lit up then it will dwindle down to a dying ember in the dusty soot (it might even make you cough manifesting into heart chakra illness). Because if it doesn't heal now, then it really isn't going to ever.

If you are in a troubled relationship - say to yourself - "This is as good as my relationship gets". Ask yourself if this is okay to be in for the rest of your life? If not - you need to own that, reclaim your self-respect and make the big brave move on. If we are true to our own heart (listen to our feelings) this year we can land on the green grass of true love.

If you are single, this year your heart will be asked to let go and love. Some lover/friendship/pet/charity/worthy receiver of your devotion will manifest. Single or partnered, 2022 gives you the opportunity to recover, forgive, let go of old resentment, and open your heart again. Let yourself heal, let the old cycles go, get your big heart out of its ivory cage, and love yourself enough to be loved.

How do you repair your heart?

By opening it to give again!

It is the Soul behind love that makes it exciting. The secret is to give to the other totally, letting go of fear from the original wound, and then Joy of the experience comes as a gift. We aren't trying to get someone to love us, we are trying to find someone worthy to give our love to. When we enter into another's passion or receive another, they are with us always, they become part of our consciousness, even after our body passes away.


Other relationships:

Close friendships and important family connections will also build into deep connections or quickly wane away. All relationships will be rebalanced this year. Elderly relatives who have been in long-term care may decide to go "home" and some who were independent may become dependent upon you. 2022 is a year for healing - but the basis and route of that healing is via the loving heart. Feel it, trust it, follow it!

Because your heart meets with the eternal.

LOVE, “TRUE LOVE”...flows only when we find joy in the giving. Sometimes we can love so dedicatedly without receiving the same in return, and many of us fail to balance the scales of wanting to fulfill our own needs and fulfilling the ones we love.

So we think we have to choose - them or us! But that’s not true, because the act of truly loving another also fills our own cup - IF it is real! If a relationship drains us then it isn't love at all - it is obligation, guilt-driven, shame pushed, co-dependent, or ego protecting programming!

Real love, like lifeforce, fills us with passion for living.

In my NDEs, in Spirit, there was no romantic love. There was a full unconditional loving connection with everything. Single or partnered, loved or rejected, hurt or cherished - know that your romance journey is one of the biggest illusions as well as the most impacting experiences you will ever feel.

Don’t be afraid! Purity of purpose lies beneath this most marvelous mirage. I hope today some of you get to paint a stunning lovescape in which to dance in this epic human desire. If not with another, then most devotedly with yourself.


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