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2022 themes

2022 the year of learning compassion 2021 the year of chaos 2020 the beginning of the end - the earth's division begins 2019 the year of shadow presenting

1999 the great war in Heaven

2022 is the year of healing, compassion, & establishing our home. This year we cannot achieve anything without learning compassion. And if we don't find a way to connect with care to the earth and each other there will be calamitous results. Everywhere we turn we will be faced with an option for understanding compassion OR reacting with fear, control, aggression and old patterns of coping. Our "home" planet will scream for reconnection with undeniable proof of our misunderstanding of her. People with opposing views will be given opportunities to accept each other or fight for what they feel is theirs. Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples will be driven to find solutions, to heal and listen, (or some will fight ferociously). Our families will either heal or disband. Our homes will become a focus of structure and nurture or be rejected for a big move. Our partnerships and loves will find a deeper level of connection or they will dissolve and reformat elsewhere.

But most all. Yes MOST OF ALL, we will NOT be able to get away with self-neglect this year.

2022 will not let us continue to live unaware of our self-sabotaging patterns. Our Soul wants to heal these and in doing so it will bring them smashingly to our forefront. Those guilt and shame driven barnacles we grew in childhood will bring almost immediate devastating consequences - to our relationships, work, home, others, and to our health. The time for healing has arrived! Unfortunately, though that requires the wounds to be exposed and all the foul festering to be seen.

2022 is asking us to love- to accept one another as part of ourselves . It is asking us for balance. Not in that airy-fairy fake, feel-good self-placating pretense kind of love. It is asking us to let go of all that resentment and fear to trust in life again. It is asking us to discover the absolute joy of giving, listening, nurturing, altruism, kindness, allowance, and acceptance. It is of course self-loving to hold boundaries and be organised with your resources. It teaches others how to love respectfully also. But if you, like most of us have been taught to hold your battered heart safely imprisoned within a wall of fear - this year is your chance to let your heart out again.

It hurts our Souls to be disconnected. Everything is part of us and everything is us. This year we can begin to really understand that concept. We can learn that giving to others actually creates energy within us, that loving fills us with life force, that caring for others helps us heal ourselves, and that we manifest our dreams best when we are like joy-filled children in love with the world and others again.

2022 has no time for "lack" mentality and the harder we hold on to anything the harder it will be to keep it. Our instincts to be control freaks will be relentless. We will want to fight for what identifies us but we can instead choose to let that go and allow the universe to offe new options to adore.

Empathic healers most especially need to get this sorted quickly now because the world will need you more than ever this year.

If you are struggling now - look at what self-sabotaging patterns you are doing. How are you subtly (or not so subtly) self-abusing? Those patterns can be overt self-abuse or more often they hide under the righteous "shoulds" of what we expect from ourselves- a kind of ransom to woo back our self-respect (but that never works). I know, you have gotten away with these dysfunctional coping mechanisms for lifetimes so what the heck is going on and why are they literally not working AT all since the calendar clicked?? Well, no more can this be tolerated by your life or body or mind, the consequences of self-neglect this year can even be potentially deadly - toy yourself but also to others..

Inside your mind is a little voice and every time it treats you with anything other than self-compassion, you will jump into one of these old self-destructive patterns. That may be a hundred times per day. It may even be thousands. This is not an easy transition. The awakening on earth is not easy. It will test you in every way. It will scare you and push you. Why? Because your Soul wants you to get stronger, braver and give your light to others thsi year.

Fortunately, the solution is simple! The easiest way to navigate this year is to choose to do for yourself what you would most want for your best friend, or for your beloved child. To love yourself like you would love your most precious person on earth. When you do that you will stop reacting to the world with defence and fear, and you will not help but feel and find compassion to all. Our reality will change to more welcoming outcomes.

This year we need to adopt this mantra "What would I do if I loved myself right now?" If that is too hard: "What would I tell my best friend/child to do right now?"

Whoa!! that changes things a bit, doesn't it?


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