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Shadow time May til August/October 2021

Shadow work - what is it?

We’re in peak karmic shadow time now and have until August tailing into October to stop giving our shadow all the control over our life, in order for a huge opportunity and happiness to be able to unravel. So it's shadow time full-throttle grating against us right now.

Shadows appear when light is blocked. Twitch on the spotlight and you’ll see that those “bad” characteristics are actually the avenue to your fulfillment and an accurate guidance to your life purpose.

Firstly expose those damned traits. Bring them out and celebrate them as parts of your unique self. That will be terrifying as you have firmly unequivocally decided those parts are NOT you! So shadow work can feel a bit like dying and rebirthing. You have to redefine your entire self-image.

Then use those traits to find your purpose/career.


If you are super addictive - find a job that has lots of adrenaline and endorphin kicks, with dopamine smashing risks, eg high stakes pressure, commissions based sales, first responder work, stock market, entrepreneurial business.

If you are lazy find a job that gives you plenty of time to contemplate and spend time with self-discovery, or that makes money passively or in short bursts.

If you are codependent go with work that allows you to professionally rescue people and hold space for their wounds so that you don’t have to do that in your everyday life.

If you are narcissistic use that ego drive to motivate big success and big groups of people. A job that needs you to be in high esteem to be effective, and/or work as a leader in a job that requires your image to be elevated and stand out and where there is more need for the success of a project rather than the comfort of people.

If being lost and not knowing yourself is your shadow then do a job that brings you and others discovery eg teaching, art, music, acting, writing, includes travel, change, or blogging.

Really angry person? (Sometimes they are the nicest people alive) then work where you feel you can fight for a valuable cause eg amnesty, animal welfare, environmental issues, refugees, abuse victims, etc to channel the hidden anger drive for an issue.

Commitment phobic? Work in a casual position and give yourself permission to change work as you feel you need or launch projects for others to go on with.

Workaholic? Best that you are putting those addictive work hours into your own business and investing the rewards well so that resource will be passed on to your loved ones.

Introvert? Work by yourself and delegate.

Drama junkie attention seeker? Work where you are the centre of attention eg marketing, image creation, performance, anything that requires a persona or archetype.

Stephen Hawking spoke about the gift of his illness. He said if he hadn’t had MND he would not have been able to do his research as he would have had to teach etc. It gave him (and us) the gift he needed of time to do his theoretical science.




If you’re triggered by this picture, you’re being honest and already halfway to reconnection. Look at it more, then write down what bugs you about it, breathe, stop pushing it away, so you can at least see that rejected rage. Watch, listen, stay awhile with all your triggers, they are spotlights and fantastically helpful.

If you can plz give a moment to the part of you & the world that you’re telling is bad, disgusting, ugly, wrong, & evil. Holding a moment of non-judgment for it, knowing that it is just a little part of your own inner child that really wants to be loved and reintegrated.

Because I promise you. That “yucky” bit of you holds a wonderful gift. It IS MEANT TO BE PART OF YOU. The more yuk you feel for it, the more it’s calling to be re-assimilated and even if you scroll past this post it will keep smashing into your reality with abrupt intensity for the next 3-5 months, and then, well, forever until you let it in.

Happy awakening to freedom beautiful shadow. xo

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