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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

For grief & fear recovery, passion and joy, enlightenment, heart and Christ Consciousness connection.

After this intense and heartwrenching year so far so, we will work with sacred plant spirits to heal our saddened hearts, release our shadow resistance, and reconnect with the Joy and Passion for living our truth. Mildly psychedelic (fully legal) visionary ceremony to open receptiveness to love, guidance and passion. With a recipe channeled and refined over the last year into a divine blend incorporating 6 sacred plant spirits from herbal to homeopathic dosages to bring us into the powerful master 22/4 year 2020. The ceremony runs over 3hours, with diet prep required for 24hrs before. Cost $40, hosted by Nell Archer and Megan Green, music by Teiva Jade and sound bowl healing by Hannelle.

Need to purchase before the ceremony: pack of a ceremony tea blend from MamaSaid.

Will need yoga mat or comfortable place to lie for journeying.

Internet connection with reasonable sound system (the clearer the better for the sound healing)

Limited places- bookings essential (Nell 0481338011)

Heart Expanding / Grief Support: In a society that pressures us to function almost entirely from our minds, it can feel foreign and even daunting to bring our consciousness down and into our heart space. This unique and sacred ceremony allows you to step into a voyage within to experience heart expansion, enabling you to cast love onto your shadows and guide you back to yourself. Plant spirits Passionflower (female in Venus and water element) and Damiana (male in Pluto and fire element) are collectively called on to induce presence and connection to yourself. The way they dance together is an awe-inspiring experience that will leave you with a calm yet elevated mood. Passionflower is used to bring peace to the soul and boost an aura of enlightenment. Her mandala-like flower reveals a powerful signature of doctrine, its use in circular thinking, Passionflower is especially compatible for people who have a hard time letting go. Each part of her flower holds symbolic meaning in reverence of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Attuning to Christ Consciousness, Passionflower assists us in understanding our own individual anguish as she wanders through to find the pain and hold it with unconditional love. She leaves her mark by giving us a spiritual tune-up and assigning more loving optimism and gratitude to the daily grind and for the greater challenges ahead. Damiana is a sweet and gentle spirit who is eager to work with anyone who is willing. Known as the Flower of Love and an aphrodisiac, he assists by bringing us out of the mind and into the body and shifting the heart into a place of comfort and joy for a more sensual, connected and calm state of being. Damiana reminds us of our innate wisdom and bliss and that some parts of our existence cannot be accessed through thinking or seeing, but rather through feeling.

Amongst the plants supporting the blend is  St Ignatius Bean, the seed of Ignatia Amaris, a deep remedy for loss and yearning, symbolized by the story of two lovers who were burnt, then rose together from the ashes to fly into the realm of everlasting happiness.

Written by Megan Green of Mama Said in conjunction with Nell Archer

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