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Updated: Aug 16, 2020

“Because Tegan asked me: what’s coming next?

I am a Psychic Channel, I predicted this pandemic in my classes in Jan 2019. I channel consciousness which means this information does not come from my own thoughts. It may differ to your beliefs and views so please disregard it if you feel it doesn’t serve you. I am posting this because I was asked for this information and if I am asked it is my job as a channel to answer. If I am not asked, I won’t post my channeled stuff (even though I have reams of it). This is a message for any of you who wish to listen, who are feeling restricted by the social isolation, by fear, & discord around you, and for any of you brave enough to want to hear what I have seen coming for the world’s future over the next few years. Firstly, let me preview these challenging predictions with: this is a time where we feel like we are losing control, or that choice is being taken from us, but the sense that you have no control is untrue.

Your life is a combination of your divine fate, chosen by your higher self, and the active choices taken by your physical incarnated being, but this time in history is about giving the power to the awareness of choice of the incarnated being. More choice brings more uncertainty and stress as well as potentials. Do not begrudge your apparent loss of activity this year: firstly because this time, now, is needed for you to find your truth and your strength (the former is required for the latter). We cannot have real strength without a belief to base it on. Secondly, because next year… and those soon to follow will be much more stressful than this one.

Future predictions from Australia’s perspective. If you do not wish to hear, discontinue now.

The pandemic is never entirely eradicated, but we will overcome the fear of it as we come to understand it and go back to funding the sciences properly as well as moving the medical system to more proactive, evidence-based practice. In Australia, we have not begun winter yet and it is in winter that this virus can more easily travel down the trachea into the lungs because it attacks the protective cilia in the trachea which do not work so well in the cold. If you smoke, give it up now as your lungs will be more protected if your tracheal cilia repair before the cold hits. During May we will see openings and closures of restrictions at varying levels and inconsistencies. Going into June we will see the virus hit some of the youth badly and there will be some public outcry about the return to school decisions. We will be back in some social distancing again as the virus brings serious illness to some older teens, especially college (year 11 & 12) student age, and with strange health complications (neurological and autoimmune). There will be another swoop of panic but then it will be assumed it was just the unlucky ones who got sick as most people cruise through the infection. Infection rates in adults go up but not too many get serious pneumonia etc except older aged people. July the curve flattens again, but then a third fast spike in infection numbers and serious pneumonia rates brings us back to our homes and late July/early August will see the greatest number of deaths in our country (nothing like overseas but much more than we have seen so far). In mid to late August there will be a new medication treatment regime used that works very well. This is a breakthrough for all antiviral treatment (a frontier still unsolved by modern medicine) and has the potential for spurring on the development of viral treatments around the world but it is associated with natural health knowledge. It is a regime of IV administration requiring all parts of the regime to be effective but when administered properly the patient’s cure within 3 days. It works somehow by removing the virus from the infected cell to be destroyed (this makes no sense to my knowledge of health). End of Aug there is hope and Sept we are allowed out into small groups again and by October it is all opened up including international travel. There is a vaccination created for the main virus strain by May next year. Australia and Germany seem to be the fastest to the line but I think we win and initially, it is only available for people who are most vulnerable and not used mainstream. It works well, is tolerated well. The vaccine that is being trialed now in Aus will have some allergic anaphylactic responses and will need to be altered a little or allergy tested before being given. There is a great amount of waste of food and frozen meat and products as electrical power outages crop up with big winds hit some cities and the hoarded food will be dumped and rotting piles in appalling amounts. As I said in the class I did on this topic, the virus keeps mutating for a few years. Most strains are not as bad and we have some resistance to them. We can treat them but there will be one strain that is very nasty and has more gastric effects, gut bleeding, and other hemolytic effects that hits another range of the population vulnerable in a different way. We will continue to need to focus on the public health care system and invest in scientific, pharmaceutical, natural health options, and medicinal research to remove risk factors for infection impact. A health revolution will emerge with balanced evidence basis. The two sides of healthcare perspective will come together for the solutions, both mainstream and alternative will need to evolve.

End of 2020- Trump wins the election…2021: US economy will collapse, far beyond what it has ever seen before. This is not just from the pandemic, there is much more than that bringing this about. (The USA has begun the end of its empire – like the fall of Rome, it will never be the grand leader of hedonistic power again. It will be unrecognizable by the end of this cycle, a smoking, battered, diseased, and bruised land with parts of it uninhabitable with its grand ideals lying in shame, conquered by its own unwillingness to allow them to evolve. America’s time is coming to an end). Trump in response to the massive chaos in his country will start a war with Iran, not a little middle east fight as they have now, a full war with much military might. This will rally US nationalism back to full favor but also pull the rest of the world into the fray. All the involved, siding between left and right, Christian and Muslim, freedom and dictatorship ideologies. Australia, I have always said will be the safest place on earth for the coming years of dismantling for the earth’s ascension, but the war and fall of US economy will bring us serious financial depression and there will be shortages in imports, food supply, plus huge issues with addiction, mental health, crime, and many big companies will collapse. Entrepreneurs with foresight, Australian based product, innovation, and invention will do well. The old stuck ways will be challenged and new opportunities will arise for those who could not break through before because the big businesses were monopolizing. Those entrepreneurs even now who are preparing innovations for the future will be very successful as they are needed to provide solutions plus some of the giant US companies that smothered them will collapse and make way. The theme of 2021 (5 year vibration) is the challenge of finding a way forward through international strife and chaos. This can only be achieved through community and cooperation between each other. It will not be possible to make our way as individuals. Great changes in the balance of making money, some companies have devastating collapse and some new businesses skyrocket to success. The end of the military conflict will come through Russia and Britain (left and right) negotiating an agreement and together, leading the world to new understandings and cooperations. We realize that by allowing ideologies to blend we become much better at doing what our individual countries do best. So we will all lick our wounds, make new alliances and not take so much for granted about ourselves ever again. 2022 is the first year of the irrefutable climate collapse impact on the globe. (6 cycle year= caring for home, love, family, order, compassion, and healing). We will have to rush to the rescue as we see sinking coastlines and refugees from water covered lands and devastating natural disasters around the world. As soon as the year clicks over there will be large melts in Antarctica and other climate disasters. There will be no possibility of denying climate change impact and only the hope of desperately trying to catch up on some lost time to heal the fevered earth. Australia and northern Europe, as well as India, will shine in the innovation for solutions. Australia and India will forge much more of a trading and business relationship moving our trading focus away from China who are busy navigating the fall of the USA economy.

The cycle of Earth’s dismantling and reprogramming will go for another 5 years after this one. By the end of year 2025 you will have definitively chosen your future for your lifetimes to come. ( to understand what this means watch my 2020 video posted on FB). The final choice began with 2020 and will go until 2025. Many people have already decided their fate in the short time of just these few months of 2020, and they will not go back now. But many of us still have time. Do not take anything for granted because so much will change from how we have ever known it, and we will realise that anything could be taken from us. We will realise there is no safety in trying to create certainty. That ego safety is an illusion destined for death. Control is not an option, there is only a way forward by letting go of control of how things are and allowing solutions to happen.

There are very important choices in each moment from now on and you cannot make these choices safely unless you know upon what you truly base your life’s values. Unless you know what your soul really desires. Take this time of relative quietude to find what really makes you want to be alive. That may be as simple as finding what it is you are occupying your time with during the isolation and putting that to work. As I said in my 2020 video – the end of the world as we know it has now begun. There is no going back and how painful this is for us depends on the choices we make as we go. The ego is being sent packing, kicking and screaming, as this timeline shreds any ability for it to hold on without awareness of the heart. This will not be easy to endure and it will not be easy to make those choices to let go of our old ego/mind programming. But it will be much harder if you don’t. Your strength is only in your belief of knowing who you really are as a soul and fighting to save what really matters to you. ….Not what you think matters. You can only know this by listening and connecting to your heart via your emotions. I said last year we only had 2019 to do our shadow work because the triggers would start 2020. We had 2019 to find our real values, find heart- brain cohesion, and some pittance of self-love, because later it would be too stressful to do it. Well if you missed that boat, you only have 2020 to choose to be the authentic you. This time of isolation is a precious gift because everything will keep speeding up and next year will be even harder. No one, not one person on the planet will be without stress and triggers to their greatest fears over this time.

If you have taken refuge in some coping behaviour like: obsessing over a conspiracy theory, resistance mindset (very strong views on something), hoarding activity, drama triangle dynamic, narcissistic or personality disorder tactics- then if you don’t deal with that now, I promise you the next five years will be very difficult. If you keep running away from the calling to love your own wounded self, choosing to be a victim of your ingrained fear, and allow that to become the most powerful force inside you… you will suffer indeed. Hoarding, stubbornly held opinions, and conspiracy theory obsessions are a FIGHT response to fear. Drugs, dysfunctional eating, addictions, depression, and emotional dramas patterns are FLIGHT responses from fear. They are coping mechanisms made by the animal brain to the pain of triggers of deep wounds. Wounds hidden and avoided of: losing control, devastating loss, abandonment, insecurity and shame. We ALL have these in us. We all choose some way to fight or flight from these awfully difficult feelings. There will be ongoing unavoidable triggers of our deepest fears with no way out except to either become aware (heal by acceptance)… or suffer immensely. We won’t be able to maintain control. We won’t be able to hang onto everything. We will all have to choose to let things go. And if you do… if you let go of the hold fear has on you, the fear that stops you from living your full life of potential ….then wow! Remember you cannot beat fear by fighting it. Fear cannot be conquered by opposition, not ever! You can only sit with it and accept is as part of you, embrace it, love it entirely. Hold the wound that formed it as your innermost guide towards your gift to heal the world (because the world is the greater expression of you) ….then, oh then, you will find the ultimate freedom and so much joy & purpose. This is what bliss awaits the world if we allow it.

We all want to be gods of our own destiny and yet we do not even see that we have that destiny entirely in our own hands. Every choice you make will bring you between ….your truth or your false beliefs, your heart’s desire or your need for control, your growth or your long-standing resistance, fighting for ego or surrendering to your eternal self, continuing karmic cycles or ending it with compassion…essentially between being liberated by love or ruled by fear.

It can only begin by becoming aware of your own inner state of being. Feeling the unmet emotional cries that drive the fear within. Holding them long enough to be able to feel and transcend that fear. 2020 is the best chance now for you to do that because it will get harder as time goes on. It is entirely your choice! This is an incredible time in our history as a human race, we have now been given the choice fully as individuals. We each sit within the earth’s collective fate with entire individual free will. This time of choosing was seeded with the crucifixion and will finish by 2026 with the opportunity to choose to evolve into the compassion (Christ) consciousness, connecting the HEART CHAKRA of human evolution between spirit and created. The journey through millennia of building the ego individuality had to be done in order for us to get to this point of individual choice….the option: to stay in our aloneness… or willingly rejoin infinite love. And just like the gods- now you are free to make it!

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