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March-August 2021 Update- the fight for freedom

March-August 2021 Update: Hold on tight and ride those waves of challenge as we head towards March 2021. Life will get even more triggering as we are pushed to face our biggest fears - you know the ones you’ve been jumping sideways to avoid all your life? There’s no option but to fight back this time as we head into the first part of the build to war vibration. March may well be a stressful month amongst a chaotic year but it is this month that will turn your corner from placating yourself with compromising your life for the “safe” options, because even those safe options won’t work anymore. But fighting is unholy you might say??!!! We need to love everyone as ourselves. Well yes, Tripitaka is always right, but just imagine all the challenges presenting to you now are actually the manifestation of the war within yourself. If you let others hurt you or steal your life’s purpose from your heart and your world then you’re already dead. The battles presenting to you now are the ones your precious inner child has been asking you to defend her from since childhood. Well, for lifetimes actually. Choosing to stand up and bring boundaries and consequences to those who injure you during this time will also serve them to learn to stop hurting others and to grow towards self evaluation and evolution. If you run from this, if you compromise your heart and hurt yourself by allowing fear to stop you fighting back, then this person or people, or this issue will come back again and again every lifetime you live until you honour your own soul and theirs by giving them the gift of your own self love. Stand up for love by representing your inner little boy or girl and I PROMISE YOU that this cycle of trauma triggers presenting in your life will stop- once and for all.

It is building now and won’t fully be resolved until August 2021. This time can be your end to lifetimes of painful cycles- but you must remember to stay out of the drama triangle (rescuer, bully, victim identity). Watch Ange video and/or mine on this if you don’t know what this is.

Breathe deep, listen to your intuition - through having time to be calm still & present; know your real heart desires - by feeling how your body reacts to your choices; and speak to your dear inner child - tell her you’re ready to protect her from any more harm.

I will be do my best to support you through this time with free videos, updates, & fb lives. You can email me any consciousness questions through my website email if you would like a question to be answered as the question of the week. (Can be confidential)

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