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Samhain renew/release Ritual

Happy Southern Hemisphere Blessed Samhain, April 30/May 1 with the astrological date for 2021: May 5. It is the end and beginning of the Celtic pagan year, Summer's end, the time of the thinnest veil, the day of the dead, All Hallows Eve, Halloween, the portal between the light and dark, time to honour the departed, to release and make space for renewal, the last harvest day, a portal between the realms, most sacred of the Wiccan rituals, the day fire god burns and then begins to sleep.

Here is a photo of our bonfire at our Samhain ceremony tonight where we danced, stomped, sung, did mantras, and rattled to the fire spirit who seemed to show himself in the flames.

This is a powerful time astrologically and energetically to cleanse, heal, release and renew your energy. You can do this over the next 24 hours and/or on 5th May (astrological date).

Try a ceremony like one of these: FIRE CEREMONY Light a fire -fireplace or outdoor fire pit is fine. Or you can use a red pillar candle instead. Sit for a while and write all the things you’d like to let go of- eg old relationships, restrictions, beliefs, or habits. Roll the paper into a cylinder. Then write a list of all you would like to bring into your life. Fold it and place it snugly under a glass of clean fresh water. Take the rolled paper and tie a piece of black thread around the paper for each item you which to release. Hold the paper with threads and sit in gratitude, reflect on the last year and all it brought to you and taught you. Then ask the fire spirit to help you release the energy you no longer want - with solid intention cut all the threads with scissors. Cast the old threads one by one into the fire or light them safely (in a cauldron, pot or sink) with the candle flame and watch them burn. Then throw in/burn the piece of paper. If the threads and paper burn quickly you have let them go easily, if they smoulder slowly you may still be holding onto them. If you used a candle extinguish it before bed, and safely light again at intervals until it’s burned all the way down. Take the water and drink it, feeling the energy of your new intentions becoming you. Bury the water paper in the garden or pot plant to ground them and help them grow.

FRONT THRESHOLD CEREMONY Cleanse and open your symbolic threshold energy by cleansing your physical door on Samhain as a symbol of clearing away anything that may be blocking you. Place a few drops of cleansing essential oils (eg sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, pine) in a bucket and fill it with warm water. With a clean cloth wash your front door, first inside, and then out, then mop or wash your front entry area, inside the doorway/entry, and outside onto the front porch. As you do so, think about and visualise cleansing and clearing the way for positive energy, blessings, and light to flow into your home and life. Make sure your front entry is clear of clutter, and not blocked by cars or rubbish bins etc. Light a white candle as a symbol and representation of your clean, clear, vibrant energy. Extinguish it before bed, and safely light again at intervals until it’s burned all the way down.

Blessed Be!

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